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Pet Sitting vs Boarding costs

I did an earlier post on the benefits of pet sitting vs boarding (Kennel). Pets are more comfortable in their own home, they get one-on-one attention and are not subject to kennel cough or other communicable diseases. Some people still feel that boarding is cheaper and go for cost rather than comfort. I looked at pricing for many of the local kennels they range from $25-$35 per day per dog. If you want one-on-one play time it is $10 extra, a private walk is $10 extra so that jumps to $70-$90 (although some give a slight discount for a second dog).

My pricining is per visit $15 for a 15-20 min. visit & $17 for a half hour visit. All visit can include feeding, play time and walk, all according to your pets routine. So 2-3 visits a day is $45-$51 a day for 2 dogs depending on the lenght of visits. So in your home pet sitting is cheaper than boarding and your pets stay home and happy  

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