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Changes to Routine

Pet sitters are used to suprises. We have seen just about everything. However there are things you can do to make our job of caring for your pets easier:

Make sure to have plenty of food/treats and have them out where we can see them. We may not have time to run to the store or be able to find your brand of food locally. One of our dogs has special food from our vet.

Notify us of any diet changes, special dry food, mixing wet food in, etc.

Have the food/water bowls out were they are easily seen so we don't have to hunt for something to put food in.

Let us know of any medicine changes. Starting new medicine or done with medicine.

Don't use fancy wooden crates with wood bars. I had a dog greet me at the door, I walked over to his crate and the door was latched, however three of the bars were chewed and the middle was missing.

Keep leashes in the same spot so we don't have to search all over the house wasting their walking time to look for them.

For cats please keep a scoop near litter box. I started keeping one in my car as I could not find one at someones house.

Most important if you have more then 1 pet let us know if you take one with you, to vet., etc. I serched all over the house once as one of three dogs was not in her crate. Then I texted the client that one of their dogs was not in the house... She texted back shortly: "OMG! So sorry forgot to tell you we took her with us on our trip." Phew problem solved.

In the winter a heads up that you are not going into work due to the bad snow storm and I do not need to come walk your dog is not something I want to hear you say you meant to do while I am at your door having risked my life as I barely got up your street.

If you do a winter vacation please have a back up plan for snow removal so I don't start my day with soaking wet feet as I had to trudge through 10' of snow on your long driveway and clear a path with my foot to get up your stairs and have a path for the dogs to pee. One client actually left me a note "Snow blower in the garage if it snows". Fortunately it did not, not sure how much per hour I would charge for that.

We are at your house for one goal which is to give the best care to your pets that we can. We don't mind bringing in the mail or paper or taking the trash bins out or things that don't require a lot of time that takes away from that goal. Anything you can do to help us achieve excellent care for your pets is most appreciated.

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