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Better care for your pets through good communication

We always strive to give the best care for your pets. That being said it is not always easy if we don't get good communication from clients. This may seem obvious but people get busy and forget to let their pet sitter know about changes to their pets health, diet, routine, locks being changed, etc. I have even showed up to the house and one or more pets where not there. 99% of my clients give great communication when there are changes but the following are actually situations that we have run into over the years:

One of my employees texted me that one of the dogs had stiches in his back, "did he have surgery?"

I showed up a house and the dog had a cone on (found out through texting that he had hot spots)

Went to feed a cat and a large can of wet food was on the counter and previous instructions were 1/2 can (normal size)

Showed up to walk a dog and key no longer worked, got no response from text to client but looked under mat on a whim and saw a new key that worked. Client forgot to let me know landlord changed lock and she left a new key under mat.

I keep an extra leash in my fanny pack as I have not found where client left theirs on several visits.

I could not find one of three dogs that is usually crated after searching whole house and client texted back they/or significant other took one dog with them.

Found medication container and chart on counter by food for a dog that was not on any meds. before.

Please communicate any changes in your pet especially if they have had surgery or other health issuse as our care will need to be adjusted, like carrying dog (small) up and down stairs, administering the correct amount of meds. at the correct time, etc.

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